Infos folgen demnächst


information will follow soon




how it all began

my first activity was 1966 of the 11 meters CB Band

with a 3 channel Tokai Handheld Device.

then with a Lafayette DYNA-COM 23, and later with a DYNA-COM 80.


Many years later I had also a Sommerkamp TS-788-DX  mobil station (10+11 m )

This was a very good Device. I used this many years.

1969 to 1984 I also was active on the short wave amateur radio bands.  Sometimes I bought used shortwave transeivers. Kenwood, Drake, Swan etc. and later I also built my own equipment. Many years I built for myself fine special Antennas for shortwave and VHF.

It is likely that all VHF transmitters will also be switched off in Switzerland from 2025 onwards. We'll see what the petition of 2021 brings for the Swiss FM Radio.