how it all began

my first activity was 1966 of the 11 meters CB Band

with a 3 channel Tokai Handheld Device.

Lafayette DYNA-COM 23, later DYNA-COM 80.


Many years later I had also a Sommerkamp TS-788-DX  mobil station (10+11 m )

This was a very good Device. I used this many years.

1969 to 1984 I also was active on the short wave amateur radio bands.  Sometimes I bought used shortwave transeivers. Kenwood, Drake, Swan etc. and I also built my own equipment. Many years I built for myself fine special Antennas for shortwave and VHF.

I was and still am an avid VHF radio listener. I always built all my antennas myself.

Unfortunately, no FM transmitter will work in Switzerland in 2025 either. We'll then see whether DAB + works and makes us happy.